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Tredy’s Budget guided holidays are expertly planned to deliver outstanding value on an unforgettable Italian journey. With quality, choice and a fantastic range of inclusions packed into every trip, You’ll be amazed how we do it for a reasonable price!

Our itineraries combine plenty of free time to discover each destination on your own, along with First Class touches like private guided tours, selected nice hotels or apartments, etc. to show You the famous sights of Italy You’ve always dreamed of.

You’ll have great flexibility in how You spend your free time.

In addition, You’ll find out our “Dolce Vita”. If you decide to stay in an apartment, : you can stay in a flat like the Italians , you can use means of transport the Italians normally use, in your free time you can have lunch or dinner in a local restaurant away from the other tourists, etc.

Our Budget tours have the following features:
 3-star-hotels or apartments, but located in the town centers
 Experienced Tredy private local guides in the museums and ruins
 Use of public trasports (trains, subways, trams, etc.)
 Choice of activities and ample free time to explore on Your own

Call ++39-(0)81-5321145 to speak with one of our helpful tour designers, or email us at

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Via C. Colombo 106 - Meta (Naples) - ITALY
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