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Wed 22 May 2024 - 16:46  

We are very pleased to present You our Tours for students in Campania.
Our tours aren’t about passive learning, but they include outdoor educational and cultural programs, as well as community projects, all of which ensure stimulating experiences for young, enquiring minds. In other words, we have tried to arrange visits which are different from the "ordinary ones", tours which could involve the young visitors, in order to make them live a creative and memorable experience.
The idea of involving them in making a mozzarella, of carrying out archaeological digs with replicas of archaeological findings, of making the visit of an archaeological site and then to divide them by teams for a treasure hunt: this is a "special" and modern way to pass on information and culture, suitable to the young students.

Choose Your program or Your programs as indicated below, and we’ll be glad to send You the rate.

Archaeological tours with treasure hunt
Simulation of archaeological excavations
Practical lesson for making the mozzarella
Practical lesson for making a pizza
Visit of Capri with boat-ride and swim
Arrange with us archaeo-tours for students with games. [Read More]
Arrange a lesson for learning how to make archaeo-digs [Read More]
What an idea: a lesson for learning how to make a pizza [Read More]

Via C. Colombo 106 - Meta (Naples) - ITALY
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