Via C. Colombo 106 - Meta di Sorrento - ITALY
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Terrace of Marina Grande apartment: example of sea-view from some of our apartments at Sorrento and Positano
The holidays apartments we manage directly are located at Sorrento and Positano and they are fully furnished. In addition, they are equipped with modern conveniences such as air-conditioning and satellite television. We specialise in helping people to find at Sorrento and Positano private holiday apartments to rent for their daily or weekly vacation. Our offices in Sorrento (Naples) in Italy are staffed with multi-lingual customer  service  representatives  that   are
Example of view from one of our apartments
waiting to help You choose the perfect spot for Your next break. If you have only ever stayed in hotels before, You are sure to appreciate the sense of freedom that renting Your own place brings and the opportunity to experience the local culture first hand. Whilst room service can be very convenient, many people find that having their own kitchen, living room and laundry area allows them to enjoy a more independent break than would be possible if they stayed in a hotel room.
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Via C. Colombo 106 - Meta (Naples) - ITALY
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